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Six Sigma Black Belt Course Outline

Week 1

Define (the opportunity)
Select the improvement opportunity
Develop business case and charter
Develop an effective team
Document and analyze targeted business processes
Determine customer requirements

Measure (the facts)
Determine what to measure
Develop baseline data and collection plans
Evaluate variation
Assess measurement systems
Determine Sigma performance

Week 2

Analyze (what the facts tell us)
Identify root causes
Identify sources of variation
Sources of variation studies
FMEA – Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
Perform process capability studies
Correlation and regression analysis
Comparative methods
Design of experiments

Week 3

Improve (solutions)
Generate improvement ideas
Rank and select solutions
Detailed implementation plan
Communication plans
Presentation model for recommendations
Begin implementing solutions

Control (make improvement stick)
Pilot solution
Implement changes
Develop a control plan
Implement monitoring system
Review and evaluate the results of changes
Document process changes
Team recognition
Project close