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Six Sigma® Training

Six Sigma is a business improvement methodology based upon analytical rigor and measureable characteristics. Manufacturing and business processes have characteristics that can be measured, analyzed, improved and controlled. The Six Sigma model for process improvement is based upon the structured methodology of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC).

Six Sigma Training

Define Determine project goals and current process
Measure Determine current performance levels and collect relevant data
Analyze Identify true root cause and verify cause and effect relationship
Improve Determine possible solution, “should be” process condition and implement solution
Control Maintain the gains achieved and monitor the process

Six Sigma seeks to improve the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing process variation. Continuous efforts to achieve stable and predictable process results are of critical importance to improved business success.

Buker client companies implementing Six Sigma are achieving the following results:

  • 50-90% reduction in scrap and rework
  • 75-90% reduction in cycle time
  • Savings of <2% of gross revenue in one year
  • 15-25% reduction in manufacturing costs
  • 50% reduction in new product introduction time
  • 6 Sigma Training

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