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Selecting & Implementing a New Business System

Critical Success Factors of Selecting and Implementing a New Business System:

One of the most challenging events in a person’s business career is being faced with the task of selecting and implementing new ERP, WMS, CRM, or other business systems. In most companies, the challenge or some people may call it a nightmare, comes along only once every 7-10 years. Best-of-breed or niche market software projects seem to be coming at a more frequent rate as technology changes almost daily.  This would also depend upon the scope of the software project. The infrequency of this event means that few people are truly skilled at doing it, not understanding what elements within the system project are critical and if not managed properly can cause the project to fail. This certainly can have an unfavorable impact on the business from a financial basis and can certainly impact an individual’s career path within a company.

Our focus will be on the Critical Success Factors that will keep the project and your career path on course. Software systems projects have two things in common “they start off with wild enthusiasm” and “over time things will go wrong”. We need to understand and try to manage both of these elements.

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