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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) &

Supply Chain Management Education Series

Since 1979, Buker, Inc., has been assisting companies achieve unprecedented results in their Enterprise Resource Planning & Supply Chain Management projects. With the Buker Interactive series, you’ll have over 30 years of experience at your fingertips. All of our proven concepts, valuable insights, hands-on experiences, and time-tested implementation methodology are contained in this series. At Buker, we have achieved the perfect learning balance-students receive just the right amount of information in a concise presentation which ensures an effective learning experience. We draw on our experience to share with you the strategies and processes used every day by World Class companies.

The Buker Interactive series provides a thorough treatment of the issues that your business system implementation must address. It will enable your company to successfully navigate the seas to keep your project on-time, on-track, and on-budget. We can help you avoid the costly mistakes of inexperience or lack of knowledge.

With the Buker Interactive education program, people gain the knowledge to craft the best solutions to your business challenges-using the full capabilities of your business system. People become your competitive edge. This learning experience will generate the enthusiasm, ownership, and accountability that will be the foundation of your project. Your people will have the insight, understanding, and experience to fully embrace and use your business system to better manage your business. You will turn learning into action and produce bottom line results.

Two Thirds of the Series is designed for practical application.

1/3 Concept
Lecture – Instructors who are experts in the subject matter.
Supporting Graphics – Quality graphics to reinforce and enhance the concepts being presented.

1/3 Application
User Interviews – To explain and give insight from people who have done it in successful companies. Company Footage – To make visual applications of the concepts in various manufacturing environments.

1/3 Practice Exercises
Case Study Workbook – To practice the application of the concepts in an actual manufacturing company case study. Performance Exercises – To evaluate the quality and success of the total learning experience.

Education produces bottom line results when people apply the knowledge and initiate changes in the way business is done. The best processes and strategies remain just theories until your people apply them in your business.

Superior Learning Design = Superior Learning Experience

Over 2,500 locations use Buker Interactive products. 200,000 manufacturing professionals have attended our live classes. This wealth of experience, knowing exactly how to maximize video learning results, is evident in the Buker Interactive package. In fact, fully two-thirds of the series is dedicated to practical application skills.

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