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Visual Factory Workshop

The Visual Factory Workshop is designed for the company implementing Lean Manufacturing or the company that has Lean elements in place, but is looking for the next step to drive continuous factory improvement.  The workshop covers the step-by-step basic blueprint of the visual factory for a high performance workplace.

During the Visual Factory Workshop the visual tools will be reviewed to sustain process improvement, communication goals and objectives, attack waste and solve problems, along with providing management and value stream associates instant status reporting.  Workshop participants will also create a visual management template for use in factory value streams.

The Visual Factory is a work environment that is self explaining, self ordering, self regulating and self improving.

The Blueprint for the Visual Workplace

* Implement Visual Order
The 5 pillars of workplace organization will be covered.  These five pillars are the foundation of the visual factory and a high performance workplace.  The five pillars are:
1. Sieri/Sort – Remove all unnecessary items from the workplace. A red tag event and auction are utilized to determine items in the work space that are not needed, defective, scrap material or obsolete.
2. Seiton/Straighten – Everything in its place and everything has a place. Marked squares for inventory items, shadow boards and point of use storage are discussed.
3. Seison/Sweep – Clean everything, tools, cabinets, machines and floors.  Areas are checked daily for return of dirt or grime and their causes.
4. Seiketsu/Standardize – Make “5S” a part of the everyday work activity.  Make it visual.
5. Shitsuke/Self-Discipline – The “5S” effort has a discipline that ensures its continued success.
The basic visual controls for “5S” and a “5S” workplace checklist for audits will be reviewed.

* The Value Stream’s Territory
The purpose of visual management is reviewed as well as templates in use in Buker, Inc. best in class factories.  A3 thinking a storytelling approach to planning and execution will be presented.  The A3 strategy template will cover visual documentation of shared facts, problems, corrective actions and operating metrics for safety, quality, delivery and cost.

The daily Gemba/boardwalk is reviewed and stressed as a vehicle to engage site leadership in Lean and demonstrate commitment to process improvement

* Visual Production Control

Visual production control contributes to simplification of decision making at the value stream and broader employee participation in managing production.  Covered in this session will be a signboard strategy as a tool for visual orderliness, identification of inventories and work in process, maintenance checklist and schedules (supplier and production).  The triangle of visual control – seeing as a group, knowing as a group and acting as a group is presented.
* Visual Quality Control

Visual quality control utilizes standards as key to process improvement.  Without standards there can be no process improvement and continually improving standards is the path to reliable methods.

Covered in this section are manufacturing standards (technical and process) and the application of statistical methods for monitoring and controlling processes.  The quality metrics of supplier, quality, in box quality and out of box quality are presented along with the DPPM standards for World Class quality.

* Communication and Visible Progress

The tool box for continual problem solving and developing ideas to solve problems is presented.  Idea and problem solving tools covered are:
* Value Stream Mapping
* Pareto
* 5 Why
* Check Sheets

Recommended Audience:  This workshop is designed to move a company to the next level of their Lean factory.  The session is recommended for Vice President Operations, Plant Manager, Value Stream Managers, Manufacturing Supervision, First Line Associates, Engineering and Quality professionals.