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Lean Purchasing Course
Reduce Inventory 35-50%                                    

Lean Purchasing is designed to reduce purchased material inventory by 35-50%, improve company cash flow, improve material availability and achieve on time supplier delivery.  Covered in the presentation is a step-by-step program to analyze a company’s procurement processes to move to a consumption based World Class procurement model.

During the course a detailed Lean Purchasing implementation plan is outlined from assessing the current supply chain state to a best practice supply chain model.


Review of the current state supply chain business practices, processes and operating metrics.  Areas reviewed:

* Number of suppliers

* On time supplier delivery

* Past due purchase orders for purchased material

* A-B-C analysis of purchased items

* Buyer setup by value stream/commodity

* Current lead times by commodity/supplier

* Current ordering patterns


Areas covered to develop a Lean Purchasing implementation plan:

* Review of supplier candidates for Kanban and consignment inventory planning

* Supplier packet for consignment planning

* Detailed mechanics of Kanban/pull

 * Supplier packet for Kanban planning

* Supplier scorecard development

* Creation of World Class supply chain metrics


* Inventory reduction 35-50%

* On time supplier delivery 95-98%

* Purchased material lead times 5-10 days

 RECOMMENDED AUDIENCE – This course is designed to activate a Lean Purchasing procurement model.  The session is recommended for: Vice President Operations, Materials Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Procurement professionals and Manufacturing supervision.