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“5S” Workplace Organization Workshop

The Foundation of Lean Manufacturing

“5S” workplace organization/housekeeping is one of the foundational elements of a Lean Manufacturing initiative. Covered in the presentation is a step-by-step methodology to the rollout of a company “5S” effort. Covered in
detail will be the use of red tag events, inspection checklists and reward/recognition.

During the session the twelve elements of Lean Manufacturing will be covered and how “5S” workplace organization is the cornerstone of a Lean initiative. Also discussed will be the standards of World Class levels of workplace organization and the company cultural shift for “5S” to be integrated throughout the enterprise.

SIERI/SORT – Remove all unnecessary items from the workplace. A red tag event and auction are utilized to determine items in the workspace that are not needed, defective, scrap material or obsolete.

SEITON/STRAIGHTEN – Everything in its place and everything has a place. Marked squares for inventory items, shadow boards and point of use storage are discussed.

SEISON/SHINE – Clean everything, tools, cabinets, machines and floors. Areas are checked daily for return of dirt or grime and their causes.

SEIKETSU/STANDARDIZE – Excellence in “5S” is defined for your company. An inspection/checklist sheet is presented for daily and weekly use. The checklist is also used to grade out each department or area.

SHITSUKE/SUSTAIN – Sustain the improvement. The uses of spider diagrams/radar charts are discussed, as well as the use and types of reward and recognition. A recommended inspection schedule is also presented.

“5S” GETTING STARTED – Presented is a step-by-step approach to the rollout of a company-wide “5S” initiative. These nine steps will help lay the foundation for excellence.

RECOMMENDED AUDIENCE – This workshop is designed to jumpstart a Lean Manufacturing and “5S” initiative. This session is recommended for: Vice President Operations, Plant Manager, Director of Manufacturing, Manufacturing Supervisors, Front Line Associates, Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality and Health/Safety/Regulatory.

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