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High Velocity Manufacturing

A Step Above Just-In-Time and Lean Manufacturing

Over the years as companies strived to improve their business operations to World Class competitiveness or best of class performance, it became apparent there were three basic levels of understanding in striving for this new level of competitiveness. The first and most basic level was of frequent supplier deliveries. Companies began to work with their suppliers to get the right material in the right amount at the right time and at the right place. The focus was on getting the material to the factory just in time. This typically was accomplished by getting the supplier to warehouse material just in case the customer placed an order. In other words, the supplier carried the inventory.

The second step in the drive for World Class competitiveness was bringing manufacturing and logistics into the initiative. The focus was on everything it took to move from just in case to just in time deliveries. This meant solving numerous problems with the objective of receiving exactly the right material in the right amount at just the right time and in precisely the right place. To overcome these problems, companies began to work on problems dealing with poor habits such as housekeeping, work place organization and deficient processes that yield quality problems in terms of scrap and rework or substandard policies regarding preventative maintenance.

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