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Inventory Record Accuracy Assessment


The Inventory Record Accuracy Assessment is for companies looking to improve their inventory accuracy, achieve 95%+ accuracy and never take another physical inventory.

Every Buker client company has achieved the goal of eliminating the physical inventory and 95% accuracy.


The Inventory Record Accuracy Assessment is two (2) days in duration. The assessment begins with a tour of the facilities including all storerooms, production areas, shipping, receiving and inspection areas. Included in the assessment are:
– The current inventory record accuracy by warehouse, area or zone
– The physical location and organization of materials throughout the enterprise
– The movement of materials and the transaction processing system
– The current policies and procedures in place
– The people performing the material movement and transactions
– The current inventory accuracy education and training program

Assessment Deliverables:

The Inventory Record Accuracy wrap-up is with the facility management team to review findings and recommendations. The output of the assessment provides:
– Current company inventory accuracy
– Detailed action plan for achieving 95% accuracy and elimination of the physical inventory
– Detailed education plan to educate all associates involved in the record accuracy initiative

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  • Inventory Record Accuracy

    This book provides a foolproof step by step approach to achieve inventory record accuracy. Every Buker client has achieved 95-98% record accuracy and eliminated their physical inventory.