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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) /

Supply Chain Management Education

Course Contents

PERSPECTIVE – Learn how high performance organizations worldwide are integrating Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management,┬áLean Manufacturing, and Six Sigma ┬« into an overall business strategy. This course illustrates the characteristics of businesses that are globally competitive in the new century.

BUSINESS STRATEGY – Learn how, through e-business, companies are integrating front and back office applications to create a high performance business model. Understand the business imperatives to drive improved quality, business flexibility and a culture of continuous improvement that will improve your performance, profitability and predictability.

TOP MANAGEMENT PLANNING – Understand how to optimize business, sales, and production planning and its role in improving business performance. You will know how demand management, improved forecasting, and production planning allow for optimized resource utilization in people, process and machines. Your team will master the Sales and Operations Planning approach, which ties Manufacturing, Sales and Finance objectives into one executable game plan.

DEMAND PRODUCT PLANNING – Learn how to manage schedules when there is unanticipated demand and changing customer requirements. You will receive the steps on how to improve forecast accuracy by 50%.

MASTER SCHEDULING – You will learn how to allocate rates of production and manufacturing resources into a weekly product mix. Use ETO, MTO, ATO and MTS manufacturing strategies to maximize customer service without additional inventory or resources.

DATA INTEGRITY – With data integrity being fundamental to the use of an ERP system the levels of accuracy for inventory, bills of material, routings and item master are covered. How each of these critical areas is measured is discussed, and more importantly, how high performance levels are achieved and maintained.

MATERIALS PLANNING – Learn how to focus your processes to insure materials are in the right place at the right time in the right quantity.

SUPPLIER PARTNERSHIPS – Learn the tested techniques for achieving lowest total cost purchasing, improved quality and developing a seamless supply chain.

LEAN MANUFACTURING – You will learn the exciting new manufacturing techniques which outline the ways to manage production and increase throughput by over 50% and lower inventory by 50%.

PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT – The tangible measurements and benchmarks of a World Class organization are presented.


  • Develop a preliminary action plan identifying the steps required to achieve a higher level of performance.
  • Identify problem areas, assign responsibilities and set target dates for your project implementation.
  • Use proven guidelines, examples and templates from Class A companies to drastically reduce implementation time to best in class results.
  • Use the Ten Steps to Enterprise Resource Planning / Supply Chain Success Checklist to eliminate any chance of project failure.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND – Attend as a team to maximize your business performance. This course is designed for top management, operating management and project management teams. Attendees should include: General Management, Marketing, Manufacturing, Operations Management, Logistics, Engineering, Finance, Information Systems, Human Resources and Quality.

  • ERP / Supply Chain Education

    ERP / Supply Chain Education