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Class A ERP Certification Audit

Enterprise Resource Planning Audit

The Class A Enterprise Resource Planning Audit is for companies looking to validate how they implemented the ERP business model within their business operations, or companies that have implemented ERP software and the business model but are not sure if they are getting the operating results they were looking for and want to see if they can be classified as a Class A business.

The Class A Enterprise Resource Planning Audit is from 2-4 days in duration, depending upon the size of the company’s site operations. Through the examination of objective evidence based upon the Enterprise Resource Planning business model, the intent, implementation and effectiveness of a company’s current business practices will be assessed.

Intent – measures whether or not process documentation is complete, integrated and complies with the ERP business model.

Implementation – assesses how well the defined ERP processes are implemented, understood and followed.

Effectiveness – looks at the results of process execution in terms of performance measurements.

Assessment Areas:

  • Business Planning
  • Demand Planning & Forecasting
  • Sales &  Operations Planning
  • Master Scheduling – MPS
  • Material Requirements Planning – MRP
  • Education & Training Plans
  • Business Process Documentation
  • Inventory Record Accuracy
  • Bills of Material/Formula Accuracy
  • Routing Accuracy
  • Engineering Change
  • Supplier Performance
  • Daily Schedule Compliance
  • New Product Introduction
  • Standard Performance Measurements to Meet the Class A Standards
  • Customer Service

Assessment Deliverables
The Class A Enterprise Resource Planning Audit wrap-up is with the company’s senior management to present observations, findings and results. The output of the Class A ERP Audit provides:

  • Detailed action items for best practice/business process improvement.
  • Defined process improvement task teams.
  • Validation of the key operating performance measurements to establish a habit of ongoing improvement and to meet the Class A performance metrics criteria.
  • If applicable a detailed education plan to ensure 100% of a company’s associates can participate in any improvement opportunities.
  • Validate if the company can be classified as a Class A ERP performance company. This means that: The closed loop ERP business model is being used within the business. Top management uses the formal business system to run the business. All performance measurements are between 95% to 100% level. These include the metrics within: Top Management Planning, Operations Management Planning, Database Management, and Operations Management Execution. Class A, B, C or D validation based on the results of the audit.
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