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ERP System Readiness Assessment

Enterprise Resource Planning Business System Readiness Assessment

Your company is making a substantial investment in computers and software for better tools to help run the business. The intent is to put your company on the path to becoming a tough, profitable World Class competitor in today’s global markets.

The implementation of a new business system helps provide the structural discipline to effectively manage the total resources in your business enterprise. The business model most often used to depict this formal way to manage a manufacturing company is depicted below. Every manufacturing company, regardless of size, process or product, uses these Generally Accepted Business Management Activities to run their manufacturing operations. The issue is not whether or not these activities take place. The issue is how well they take place. Is the data accurate? Are the proper policies, procedures and practices in place and followed? Are these necessary functions integrated so that supplier, factory and customer delivery schedules are derived from the same sheet of music as the financial plans? Again, the issue is information quality and how well these business processes are performed and integrated. Excess inventory, excessive product costs, high cost of quality, erratic customer deliveries and surprises on the monthly and quarterly financial statements are inevitable if they are not done well.

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