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Buker, Inc. Offers Kaizen Events to Jumpstart Lean Manufacturing

The Buker, Inc. organization, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois is an international management education and consulting firm that works with manufacturing and distribution companies

 [Antioch IL, October 15, 2010] Buker, Inc. offers three and five day Kaizen Events to jumpstart a company’s Lean Manufacturing efforts.  Kaizen is a primary source of change and sustainable breakthrough improvements for companies on their journey to best in class performance.  The Buker Kaizen Events focus on the following:

 Explain Kaizen

Understand and document the target work process

Evaluate the target work process (analyze waste)

Solve the performance issue

Act to improve the target work process

Institutionalize the process improvements

 Michael Tincher, President of Buker, Inc. stated, “The Buker organization has been assisting companies in their Lean Manufacturing efforts for 30 years with Kaizen as a fundamental component to generate rapid improvement.  The basic principles of Kaizen are to 1) spend no money, 2) add no people, and 3) reduce space, offers companies the opportunity to start their Lean Manufacturing effort with minimal cost and huge payback.”

 The Buker organization, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is an international management education and consulting firm that works with manufacturing and distribution companies.  Since 1979 Buker, Inc. has worked with the best manufacturing and distribution enterprises in the areas of Lean Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Six Sigma.  Past and current clients include Rust-Oleum Corporation, Siemens Building Technologies, YKK-AP America, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific, PerkinElmer, Highway Technologies, Inc., Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company and many others.

 For more information go to the Buker, Inc. website, www.buker.com for free assistance to manufacturing questions (Ask The Expert) and free downloads of white papers on Lean Manufacturing, Class A Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other World Class Manufacturing topics.


 Michael Tincher, President

Buker, Inc.

800 Main St.

Antioch IL 60002